Take full control of your home

Remotely control of everything that is electrical in your home, from lighting to home appliances and power-hungry devices, such as a water heater or an electric vehicle charger.

Create your own colorful lighting experience

Let smart lighting bring you to any scene experience that beyond your imagination.

Enjoy improved daily life with built-in preset & customizable scenarios, or just create your own. ​


Smart Home With Voice Control

Activate functions by speaking out loud. AI technology thereby analyses what you say and responds accordingly.
This enables you to stay in charge of all smart devices with minimum effort.

Specon smart voice command
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Drive your energy bill down

Effortlessly schedule your lights, home appliances & power-hungry devices in a few simple steps from the App, in order to optimize your housing energy consumption, or to deter thieves while away by simulating presence.


Extremely easy to install

The set-up process is extremely easy.
All smart modules can be placed on the rails of any standard DIN electrical panel board and can ‘mix and match’ with existing non-connected modules.